This project, commissioned by Modern Art Oxford in January 2020  involved working with adults to create small scale mixed media sculptures, incorporating patterns of different cultures developed on hand made paper and found materials and objects collected in our natural environment. The objects and materials were especially collected for this project from the Dorset coast after a storm. The project was inspired by the work of Kiki Smith and was part of the public program for the exhibition ‘I am a Wanderer’. The concept of the ‘Wunderkammer’ , a private and spiritual place created with the idea of nature being linked to art was key to this project. It was a way of exploring the boundaries between natural and artificial materials and how they can connect with each other. Participants created these unique and diverse range of sculptural works.


Review of workshop

Madi’s workshop in response to the exhibition of works by Kiki Smith at Modern Art Oxford was a joy to attend. Her use of found materials, including discarded matter is a timely idea when we’re all concerned about the amount of waste we generate these days. I would never have thought of using some of the objects that Madi must have gone to a lot of trouble to collect: a burst tennis ball, a piece of black plastic, packaging, netting. She was incredibly helpful with ideas and advice, so turning the materials into something thought-provoking and (for some participants, not so much mine!) beautiful was a really enjoyable and rewarding process. I hope to have the chance to work with Madi again in the future.

David Baron (workshop participant)