I am an Asian born diasphora artist, living and working in the UK. Broadly speaking, the themes explored in my work range from environmental concerns, migration and exile and gender issues. What unities them is the found element, matter that already exists around us, an enduring reflection of the human condition. My practice involves the synthesis of unlikely elements which I source from different locations, the coastline, woodlands and vintage markets.  Using objects, textiles, song, conversation and magazine cuttings which resonate with me on some level, I create works which move fluidly between different media. The materials have usually had a past life such as wooden panels previously part of furniture or embroidered textiles which have seen better occasions. Through joyous transformative processes these objects and materials are reborn as part of something new.  

Current Exhibitions:

RWA Open: RWA, Bristol April 17th - May 9th

Topainterstoppaintings, curated by Althuis Holland Fine Arts

Springing FORWARD curated by Gita Joshi

Prelude: Online, February 27th - April 23rd

Ornithologie: Online

Forthcoming Exhibitions:

On The Road of Sea Stars, Zuzushii Art Laboratory, Hastings, June 12th -19th

Absent Authors, APT Gallery, London, July 8th - August 1st

Recent Texts:

'I wish my hair was as long as yours' brochure includes 'Somewhere Else' an essay by Dr Stephanie Straine

Download brochure (PDF)

Q & A on Modern Art Oxford Blog

Interview with Asian Curator: