‘I will go where ever you take me’ is based on the idea of home as a transient space  shifting according to need and circumstance. The work takes its title from a translation of the appliqued text on both sides, written in Bengali meaning ‘ I will go wherever you take me’. 

The tent being a mobile structure that can be moved and set up in different locations refers to the idea of a nomadic existence rather than feeling settled in one place.  The idea of home is presented as something, which is rootless, transient and uncertain. The frame is constructed out of driftwood, symbolizing journeys across oceans and origins in other lands.

    A home may be a clearing within a forest, a camp in the middle of a desert, an island surrounded by the sea. Beyond the clearing lies the devil. Away from the camp there are no signs of life. Out in the sea changes occur without notice. This sense of the outside as the place of threat and the unknown heightens the significance of home as the place of safety, order and even divine protection.