19 international, national and local artists take the perception of the multi-faceted, often disparate realities of the city of Oxford as their subject matter, either directly or metaphorically. The visual arts are, unsurprisingly, on the periphery in the city of academia and romantic longing. In an attempt to divert the gaze of the city from abstract or distant territories of inquiry onto itself, onto its own complex layers of socio-political reality, the exhibition showcases a wide range of works that are innovative models for production and display of contemporary art. In the looming economical disaster of a second recession, reinstates the social function of art as the creative source of finding alternative ways of operating from the mainstream. As opposed to the greed and consumption which characterizes our times, this event is a generous gesture of artists who look at their immediate territory in close detail and restage it in the form of an opportunity  for play, reflection, cooperation and beauty. Immediate territory is a one day art exhibition curated by Emily Alexander, Phil Marston and Katalin Hausel.